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BlowjobCosplayHandjobTeenPopular With WomenHardcoreSquirtUniformsPussy LickingFetishLesbianThreesomeBig TitsGangbangPublicMILFRough SexPOVToysHD PornFrenchOrgyBabeMasturbationOld/YoungCompilation60FPSBig AssRed HeadCreampieBlonde
Career academy certified penetration testing specialist

Career academy certified penetration testing specialist

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Starship Troopers had it right.

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33 comment    

21.11.2017 4:45:16 Mazujar:

I seriously doubt this guy has family or many/any friends in real life.


26.11.2017 5:12:07 Arashimuro:

Combating bad ideas with even worse ideas seems....................counterproductive


28.11.2017 11:02:13 Goltiktilar:

Oh and my appendix is doing what it was designed to do. Perhaps someday 'scientists' will figure out what that is


03.12.2017 5:24:44 Mijin:

no Sir - just accepting the invitations sent to me.


13.12.2017 13:36:14 Julabar:

Nope. We can see reality over here in the real universe. Trump is winning.


18.12.2017 22:21:02 Arashizahn:

Logic is an organized way of going wrong with confidence


26.12.2017 11:03:56 Duktilar:

Wow, fabulous response.


27.12.2017 16:56:35 Tegar:

It doesn't look like his shin splints hurt during this Bolshevik number with Vlad.


04.01.2018 10:31:37 Samull:

Trump isn?t respected by the world or people with Brains


13.01.2018 5:16:04 Faujora:

I knew I felt someone looking at me!!


16.01.2018 17:52:27 Kajisho:

lol it's hilarious how cons both ridicule liberals as weak bleeding heart betas and at the same time they are heartless communist murders who would kill you rather than look at you. No wonder they're so confused, holding two contradictory beliefs as true has to lead to problems.


19.01.2018 15:09:46 Malalkis:

That's fair - looks like it was lost in the threads. ;-)


21.01.2018 8:56:06 Gardazshura:

Religion was an excuse for the Holocaust? The holocaust was about eugenics, not religion. It was about helping out natural selection, though you could argue it descended into pure madness before it was all over. Planned Parenthood was about eugenics too, thought today it's pure soulless greed. Today, as then, it is religion that argues that human value is something other than reproductive fitness.


28.01.2018 0:26:48 Grolmaran:

Fair the damage is done. Perhaps they tried their best. Who knows?


02.02.2018 4:30:14 Dalar:

Ok. No problem to me. Only to you. Because now you need to write the same things twice. But Christianity is not just about what you perceive. It is much more. We are actually Born again as Gods too. So we have another Character. That of God. Meaning we Live now the utmost live in having Characteristics that are totally fullfilling. Like Joy, Love, Peace, Selfcontrol, Wisdom, Grace, Glory etc. And a Godly Family on top of that.


05.02.2018 23:06:58 Voodoonos:

The holding didn't address that.


07.02.2018 15:07:13 Faegar:

One of my staff is Comanche. He has a far different opinion of Christian inspired violence than most.


13.02.2018 6:27:48 Shaktizil:

Who said they werent?


17.02.2018 7:12:54 Tular:

Yes. What happened to my pretty hair...and my bladder of steel?


27.02.2018 9:50:26 Shakamuro:

Probably the gay president. I misspoke earlier. Woman president=civil war. Gay president=Nuclear suicide.


04.03.2018 21:03:04 Tushakar:

Nope. I just give the origin so as not to violate "copy right".


14.03.2018 2:15:43 Nejora:

I can understand some people voting for him for his policies (even though I seriously don't think his policies are that great and a lot of his ideas are just stupid), I can't believe that people like Kirby are pretending that he's somehow an honest or good person.


18.03.2018 0:13:16 Vum:

Roseanne lost her job.


21.03.2018 19:52:55 Bazuru:

The same people who salt caramel and chocolate..


31.03.2018 20:58:36 Faugrel:

Most atheists are led by moral reasons and not evidence.


02.04.2018 23:33:04 Barisar:

Answer the question: Valuable to who??


05.04.2018 19:20:40 Bragul:

Because YHVH God is true. That leaves your imaginary Ghetchimicallit out in the cold.


12.04.2018 23:32:57 Mazuzilkree:

I like money too much, I'd bake the cake and if a booger fell in while I was baking the cake "Whoopsie", and serve it with a smile while wearing the gayest shit I could find.


16.04.2018 8:10:25 Shakalabar:

I am judging Islam from the point of view of a Kafir, and it doesn't matter if you are attacked, either verbally or physically, in 21 century or 1400 years ago.


20.04.2018 8:45:11 Vutaxe:

I think you don't understand the Constitution or the law. Nobody forced him to do anything except treat all customers the same. His business is making cakes.


20.04.2018 22:47:39 Kazrakinos:

Unlike believers, Humanists don't subject our charities to religious litmus tests. UNICEF and Amnesty International don't have to adopt a Humanist label for me to donate to them. I volunteered with the Red Cross for two years and was one of those on-the-scene responders. Red Cross is a great example of the way religious charities evolve; they generally begin with an old dying sinner trying to buy his or her way into Heaven, but then as they perform their work, they discover that their dogmas are more of a hindrance than a help in performing their mission, and gradually secularize. They still have the money, time, and labor - they just ditch the dogma.


22.04.2018 7:36:30 Kigajind:

Enlighten me then. Define exactly what you mean by prose and structure, and show me an example of the gospels copying the form and structure of a work that was understood AT THAT TIME as a work of fiction. The Homeric cycle obviously would not count, as that too was understood as history at the time.


27.04.2018 3:36:06 Mibar:

He looks like he's halfway to being homeless, anyway. He's got the hair right.

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Career academy certified penetration testing specialist
Career academy certified penetration testing specialist
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