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BlowjobCosplayHandjobTeenPopular With WomenHardcoreSquirtUniformsPussy LickingFetishLesbianThreesomeBig TitsGangbangPublicMILFRough SexPOVToysHD PornFrenchOrgyBabeMasturbationOld/YoungCompilation60FPSBig AssRed HeadCreampieBlonde
Amature nudist posts

Amature nudist posts

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Thanks for the thoughtful commentary, generalisimo. Once again, thanks for helping to fill out my impression of Mises' view, and thanks for connecting the dots with Dr. Peterson. I agree with a lot of what you wrote.

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33 comment    

22.11.2017 7:20:00 Akinogis:

You talking about me?


27.11.2017 23:31:55 Juzil:

I'll be happy if you just answered the question once. I'll move on if you just answer with a yes or no. You seem incapable of doing that.


03.12.2017 17:12:39 Kazradal:

its a movie sett!, there aint no back!! lol!


11.12.2017 5:02:23 Vuzil:

So are you saying that you break the law but are not in jail?


16.12.2017 21:43:17 Maum:

Absolutely -- talk about forgetting why it's called pro choice rather than pro abortion.


22.12.2017 15:05:44 Tashura:

The Father's name is I AM, not Jehovah.


29.12.2017 13:28:03 Guzshura:

When you say that your disbelief leads you to knowledge, i will question your reasoning capabilties, and your knowledge over belief. I did not say that.


01.01.2018 4:53:56 Zulucage:

"more tolerant"? LOL


04.01.2018 7:53:58 Mubei:

And just why shouldn't a woman be able to disguise herself if she so chooses? And why shouldn't a man be able to do the same if he so desires? Now, care to cite this law prohibiting you from wearing a balaklava anytime you wish.


08.01.2018 17:01:00 Satilar:

If you knew hermeneutics, you could answer your own question.


14.01.2018 14:24:57 Moshicage:

Oh yeah I agree.


25.01.2018 8:42:26 Golrajas:

I'm describing the Truth of God...Not "GeeTexas."


01.02.2018 5:56:49 Maujar:

who are the "crusaders" anyway?


08.02.2018 1:53:47 Bracage:

you really don't have a clue do you?


13.02.2018 8:10:55 Tular:

Like what? Formulate full, complete thoughts before you reply.


18.02.2018 0:28:47 Goltirisar:

That's has zip to do with morality


22.02.2018 7:34:00 Kazigis:

I think most of the problems in Europe are with males. So stop them from getting in. Just allow women, kids, and the aged. Send the message to the citizens of Muslim countries that if they want to cause trouble, do it at home.


03.03.2018 17:14:58 Doll:

Here's a particularly egregious example of waste from a Catholic school board.


12.03.2018 13:12:14 Kazranos:

If it was so stacked in their favour I wonder why all the team owners and players agreed to it?


16.03.2018 22:01:38 Vogal:

Well this story is about being happy with what you have and not worrying about what others have. It fails because a businessman can't run a vineyard this way nor can any other. You left out the next chapter to this story. The following day he found people only willing to work at the end of the day for an hour for 8 hours of wages. Then he later went out of business. :)


22.03.2018 4:21:44 Nejas:

Tip Ray ...does not understand political structure... you be banging head against wall.


01.04.2018 2:35:33 Zulubar:

Again, what you think about me is irrelevant. Jesus Christ is the Judge.


08.04.2018 15:19:48 Fauramar:

I have a FB but hardly ever go there. I only opened it because I was once making and selling silver jewelry and had people telling me I just HAD to be on FB. Now I only look at it around the holidays to get family gathering news. it's also how I found out my sister in law had a stroke. *laughing*


10.04.2018 14:14:28 Mumi:

*stifling giggle at the thwack of G's blade hitting the target*??


19.04.2018 6:37:14 Mikora:

But but.... I'm sure she's just lonely and looking for new friends!


27.04.2018 16:42:25 Tagami:

Long live Canada!


01.05.2018 8:22:00 Faujas:

Again, you're making the argument here that your only reason for doing anything good or moral, and not.murdering, is because your god told you to.


05.05.2018 3:57:41 Dourisar:

Wasn't this whole thing about state sponsors of terrorism?


14.05.2018 2:36:11 Mulmaran:

It's not or is more healthy now?


23.05.2018 5:39:11 Bat:

No, PREMIERE FORD, has to clean up the mess of 16 years of SOCIALIST Blunders!


28.05.2018 12:37:33 Tekasa:

I understand where you are coming from. The hope is that the children of these new immigrants will be less discriminated against as they blend more with the American society. Keep in mind that Italians and Poles and Irish were also discriminated against when they first came here. Granted their white skin helped them assimilate but we now see many darker skinned people on TV and in sports and all around town. As we get to know them, we help them assimilate. It's only the people that can't get past the skin color that are the problem.


02.06.2018 1:58:13 Bagrel:

Sounds great...until the mortgage is due.


11.06.2018 11:04:02 Faera:

Yes, yes, yes. This is a terrible flaw of mine. Or making the argument for the underdogs because they aren't that great at making one. When I see a solid block of people who agree I always feel this evil urge to play devils advocate.

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