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BlowjobCosplayHandjobTeenPopular With WomenHardcoreSquirtUniformsPussy LickingFetishLesbianThreesomeBig TitsGangbangPublicMILFRough SexPOVToysHD PornFrenchOrgyBabeMasturbationOld/YoungCompilation60FPSBig AssRed HeadCreampieBlonde
Interacial penetration pics

Interacial penetration pics

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"Help, I'm trapped in a culture I wholly reject, but am still living up to its mores" has got to be the least persuasive philosophical argument ever.

Ai Uehara gets stuck in a wall (HND-181)

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24 comment    

15.09.2017 16:31:21 Faejin:

That's what she said. Tehe!


16.09.2017 19:41:33 Mazura:

You need to cultivate some self-reflection.


18.09.2017 18:57:07 Mezibei:

I see morals as a set of standards you would live your life by, I don't pretend to own them. Frankly where the morals came from whether they were religious in origin or cultural is of no importance to me it is whether I see them as right or wrong. There seems to be this idea that morals are only for the religious, if you are not religious you can't have morals and that is BS. I am not amoral or immoral, I have a sense of what is right and wrong and I act accordingly and until I see a god I don't think they exist.


22.09.2017 2:44:10 Maugami:

The vineyard work represents living the virtuous life.


23.09.2017 13:23:58 Daicage:

You know me too well!


26.09.2017 20:46:37 Faesar:

Do you mean extramarital?


02.10.2017 15:12:10 Fenrir:

Lol did you bring "flats" for comfort and then you realized your flats aren't so comfortable?


06.10.2017 5:40:46 Yoll:

You're going to be ok sweetie, hang in there...


08.10.2017 3:50:02 Taugami:

Ladder is fine. Pride and body are the items broken.


11.10.2017 20:58:11 Mezijas:

"... and the gates of Hades will not overcome it." (from Matt 16, verse 18)


15.10.2017 16:38:23 Dalmaran:

They aren't there to omitt god, and if you actually follow this thread back, its in reply to someone who erroneously said that god is required for science


23.10.2017 16:54:09 Tejin:

A hadith describing Muhammad's behavior is Sunna, this is hardly an isolated individual case. If someone claims things about Islam which contradict to Muhammad's Sunna, it might not be true. At least, this contradiction is worth examining.


24.10.2017 1:58:09 Mushicage:

Great reply, thank you! There is well-known saying: "Preach the Gospel at all times. When necessary, use words".


01.11.2017 2:55:27 Faejar:

Our phones beep at us obnoxiously if we keep people on hold for too long. ;) I think it'll be ok bc she started off cursing at the receptionist then demanded to be transferred to the receptionist's manager (me). I'm going to be honest about what I said and hopefully based on how horrifying she was to everyone it'll all be ok.


01.11.2017 23:17:42 Mooguran:

Some passages favour women as pastors, other passages don't (mostly from Paul)


07.11.2017 8:07:52 Kazrajar:

Wizards and vampires are popular fiction characters. Neither exist in real life.


14.11.2017 21:46:46 Naran:

you would not think that if it were your kid that was shot would you?


19.11.2017 0:23:26 Dale:

Right, I think those facts come from fairy land I am afraid. (and even if true, you need to compare with the rate in heterosexuals to see if there is a difference).


26.11.2017 23:30:52 Mezizahn:

Well you're the one who made up the story that unicorns and dragons were found. Now I see a bunch of sad ass disclaimers trying to spin the story into something else.


04.12.2017 2:19:38 Vohn:

The Bible says it is foolish to look at creation, the handy work of God, and say, "there is no God." That is the first thing He tells us to do, is to accept the fact that creation demands a Creator. That is the beginning of proof that He exists. If a person can't acknowledge in all that we see and experience in this world, that someone had to design and create it, then God says, that's a little foolish. There is no second step to understanding anything about God if one can't comprehend that truth! It is easier for some to believe the crap about the "big bang" and the "creature" that crawled out of the sludge in the black lagoon than a Spirit God that loved the idea of creating all this and then creating people to give it to and live in it. I think that is a more believable and common sense conclusion that the former!!! Thanks!!!


11.12.2017 18:25:03 Vugis:

PC is now on both sides and has run amok but it is too often used as a weapon. to silence a legitimate view or redirect the conversation. Most outrage is fake, people for some reason want to be offended.


18.12.2017 6:46:07 Zulkizilkree:

All evidence is evidence of God. There being only God.


20.12.2017 12:41:43 Tojazragore:

Facts. Truth. Minus solipsism.


22.12.2017 15:52:19 Daishura:

I follow the historical evidence rather than the fictional stories Americans fabricate and The gullible buy into.

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Interacial penetration pics
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