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BlowjobCosplayHandjobTeenPopular With WomenHardcoreSquirtUniformsPussy LickingFetishLesbianThreesomeBig TitsGangbangPublicMILFRough SexPOVToysHD PornFrenchOrgyBabeMasturbationOld/YoungCompilation60FPSBig AssRed HeadCreampieBlonde
Industrial shaved ice machine

Industrial shaved ice machine

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Patriotism is standing for the national anthem out of respect to the men an women that serve our country.

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34 comment    

17.09.2017 12:44:06 Moogujinn:

Home schooled. They are saved


26.09.2017 7:20:38 Tygokora:

sorry to hear that


27.09.2017 0:22:00 Voodoolabar:

He doesn't need to prepare - Trump speaks very well off the top of his head. /s


28.09.2017 5:51:03 Tojora:

Treaties are the law of the land. And, I will ask again, why do you engage in repetitiveness?


03.10.2017 17:56:15 Malakora:

Why not? an atheist is as likely as any other, and as a Judgment is not an issue and people are just bit of biological flotsam anyway. . .


05.10.2017 3:57:42 JoJor:

Any church I've every been involved in focus on just that - charity.


05.10.2017 20:06:25 Viktilar:

In a rational world your argument makes complete sense. I don't think that what you write will work for a large number of people, perhaps even a majority can't find solace in harsh world. You seem to come from a background that was relatively stable, at least as opposed to billions of people in the world who live in conditions where shelter, food, and personal safety cannot be taken for granted. Maybe if the world could find a more just and equitable system, and people were free to find meaningful experiences in their own lives, they could see the world as you do. But as you stated at the outset, to a great extent actual lived experiences drive the development of the self. Those of us who are free to explore and self-actualize may not see a reason for religion. I've lived long enough to recognize that I cannot judge others through the lens of my own experience.


13.10.2017 6:21:56 Grogore:

Wow ..the left has gone deep deep down it's rabbit hole now....


16.10.2017 23:17:53 Terisar:

'Morn, Lady Z....


24.10.2017 0:46:49 Zolohn:

Research all you want. You'll find the Bible's "prophesies" all fall into one of four categories:


27.10.2017 16:36:43 Negal:

A million upvotes if I could, Kartoum.


01.11.2017 13:08:31 Mazuzilkree:

ONCE AGAIN; The conduct of atheists Is of no concern to me! Please just forget it.


05.11.2017 13:55:52 Yorisar:

Well, quite... even by the book it's hard to justify her "perfection"; but don't forget that this book claims that perfect actions (God-commanded) include genocide, slavery and torture... and also that infinite torture awaits most of us, some of us getting off by having our torture paid for by a scapegoat. It's complete bollocks.


12.11.2017 3:11:37 Milmaran:

It worked for me! 20 years later and still married to the gal who chanced that ride.


16.11.2017 18:23:15 Vular:

Do me! Do me! Do me!


22.11.2017 11:17:31 JoJokree:

because Breitbart's commenters weren't (b)right enough.


27.11.2017 11:46:05 Sakora:

And here's a list of Reformation victims, from RC countries...


30.11.2017 8:04:21 Mikagis:

i've never seen so many people, get so damn freaked out, over a song. but then again, i never put much interest in it in the first place; it's a song.


04.12.2017 3:44:22 Faukora:

Your intentional self-contradiction is pointless and not even amusing.


08.12.2017 14:27:45 Zulkibar:

The dress is perfection. Sleek and white with long sleeves. Reminiscent of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy.


10.12.2017 8:30:54 Sarg:

Interpreting the Second Coming as a spiritual reference to an indwelling of a renewed consciousness is certainly a much more humane interpretation than imagining it as a human king descending from heaven to wreak apocalyptic vengeance on his enemies.


19.12.2017 21:54:03 Shaktile:

True one rule for professionals one for everyone else.


23.12.2017 14:29:31 Brajind:

Been watching all morning. I hate it.


31.12.2017 18:01:06 Arashilkis:

Hi Sir Tainley


02.01.2018 13:57:17 Mezill:

Now you're talking....


03.01.2018 12:42:07 Tutaxe:

Stop the cable TV. Save $1,000 a year from that.


05.01.2018 8:08:12 Vulrajas:

we are already in a position of not having benefited from the government of the last 15 years so we have nothing to lose by electing a party that will acknowledge us rather than our wallets. If that bothers you and your ilk then I guess we are heading in the right direction.


12.01.2018 4:23:05 Kazrakazahn:

No sensible person is pro abortion.


20.01.2018 19:30:06 Brar:

Can you show me some evidence of the existence of any of "the gods" that you or anyone else consider "still have a shot" at existing?


28.01.2018 1:16:09 Doll:

I can measure the wind using physical instruments. This ain't aerodynamic science.


29.01.2018 12:34:23 Dusho:

Just admit that it was a bad idea to even write one sentence comparing or poor to those in uk and Germany.


04.02.2018 10:01:07 Kazrazuru:

No answer needed, your question is redundant.


14.02.2018 4:55:09 Vudolar:

Same here, no jobs and what their is is min wage, which requires two jobs and a room mate to scrap by.


18.02.2018 5:16:28 Goltimuro:

No, the god-of-the-gaps is the god that

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Industrial shaved ice machine
Industrial shaved ice machine
Industrial shaved ice machine
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