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BlowjobCosplayHandjobTeenPopular With WomenHardcoreSquirtUniformsPussy LickingFetishLesbianThreesomeBig TitsGangbangPublicMILFRough SexPOVToysHD PornFrenchOrgyBabeMasturbationOld/YoungCompilation60FPSBig AssRed HeadCreampieBlonde

Dick gregory write-in candidate for president

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But that?s what this whole conversation is about ? whether Jesus existed as a person, whether all the miracles and divinity (or mythology if you prefer) were attributed to a real figure, or whether the entire person was made up. The latter seems very unlikely to me.

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34 comment    

16.09.2017 2:04:02 Dijora:

By your logic, any Hollywood movie with simulated romantic/sex scene is pornography. So Woody Allen is a pornographer, Roman Polanski is a pornographer, James Cameron is a pornographer.


22.09.2017 1:05:20 Mezisar:

So what's your verdict on the global flood? Did it cover all the tallest mountains - as the Bible directly states - or not?


24.09.2017 11:03:56 Kagataur:

But you trust a corrupt Lib gov`t?


25.09.2017 23:34:52 Kejora:

This traitor stole DNC government material, but somehow this is a "Dem scandal." Alrighty.


01.10.2017 18:22:29 Febei:

So you are avoiding the questions? Can a creation judge its creator?


05.10.2017 8:50:39 Ditilar:

Sexy Senior Shamelessly Slapped Silly Sir Senseless!!!


13.10.2017 14:10:37 Sarg:

?Rhythm method,? is this a new term?


18.10.2017 9:41:41 Dibei:

They aren't what - mistaken or born gay?


20.10.2017 16:06:05 Majas:

What are you disputing exactly?


24.10.2017 22:40:00 JoJoshicage:

I agree. It?s also a matter of smarts. If Jack had put Artist Studio above his door instead of Bakery he would?ve had no problem.


30.10.2017 17:44:35 Gakora:

I agree... once you're into the "magical and miraculous!" part of Jesus story... good luck!


08.11.2017 8:46:10 Kajilabar:

You don't have a shred of a case, do you!


16.11.2017 3:35:27 Kazisida:

Sorry, Rick, missed that.


20.11.2017 2:45:01 Shakajin:

Yes, and it is the word of God, just as much as the New Testament is.


21.11.2017 13:42:23 Kazirn:

Red curry and jasmine rice


01.12.2017 4:36:14 Mimuro:

Are you denying that people who believe in God do not kill?


04.12.2017 4:16:18 Akikazahn:

an exception to prove the rule. and ottoman history has ebbs and flows of fundamental fervor


08.12.2017 10:45:13 Vudotilar:

No hard feelings, Kane, but let's go our separate ways. We see things very differently and let's leave it at that. Best thing for everyone. Sincere best wishes for the future IRL.


17.12.2017 5:20:50 Vum:

Both parties are equally responsible for birth control. If john didn't want a baby, he should have used a condom or gotten a vasectomy (if he never wanted one). I'm pro-life, so of course I think what he did was murder. However, the official legal stance is that a 6 week fetus isn't a child, so on that basis, he should have been charged with assault, or poisoning or something.


24.12.2017 3:44:15 Sajind:

False. Logical fallacy of bifurcation. Also, everyone in the world has faith. Not necessarily in God, but in many other things. Even YOU have faith! You have faith that your paycheck will cover the bills every month, for example.


28.12.2017 5:16:12 Douktilar:

The least the guy can do is get me a mastectomy and hysterectomy for free.


03.01.2018 4:26:46 Gale:

The new Off Topic discussion is now open for the day:


05.01.2018 17:55:52 Dairg:

You so puuurdy!


14.01.2018 23:29:22 Arashigis:

Could it be that Mr Smith has a thing for you and his wife is jealous? That's really what this sounds like.


18.01.2018 19:20:23 Moogukinos:

Yes it is. Please examine greek linguistics theo is god and the term used is done to define god and his teaching. The issue is humans have really no desire to know God EVEN THOUGH its required,to know God and Jesus for EVERLASTING life. JOHN 17:3


29.01.2018 2:46:26 Kigajin:

How do you determine what is or is not the truth?


03.02.2018 1:59:02 Voodookree:

Oh look who suddenly found religion.


06.02.2018 16:05:10 Mikajind:

No personal insults.


15.02.2018 4:34:53 Mezira:

I am fine with each doing a few paragraphs, and perhaps a short reply to the opinion of the other. Although I am not sure in what form we can work on this. Is there email through Disqus?


24.02.2018 2:13:58 Mezikree:

If the kid starved to death, why is there a photo of fat women?


02.03.2018 0:50:25 Akinom:

You guys all know what is coming next right? The crying of the far left triggered team about electoral reform. Mark my words on this


05.03.2018 1:36:04 Vudojora:

I'm not all that sure that it is a logical definition but it is a clever one as it skirts around any attempt to prove that your god does not exist. However, it also doesn't actually prove that he does exist. it applies equally well to any other metaphysical creator of the universe, which makes your god just one of an infinite number of possible metaphysical creators.


10.03.2018 2:59:49 Gogul:

Such language. Approved.


15.03.2018 17:04:14 Gardat:

Ty Lue at halftime: "Let's score only 13 points in the 3rd so we can lull them into complacency. Then we make our move."

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Dick gregory write-in candidate for president
Dick gregory write-in candidate for president
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