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BlowjobCosplayHandjobTeenPopular With WomenHardcoreSquirtUniformsPussy LickingFetishLesbianThreesomeBig TitsGangbangPublicMILFRough SexPOVToysHD PornFrenchOrgyBabeMasturbationOld/YoungCompilation60FPSBig AssRed HeadCreampieBlonde
Naked redheads women shaving in the shower

Naked redheads women shaving in the shower

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No, free will, whatever that is, would no longer exist if a person did not have emotions that were removed by artificial means, not that I accept the idea of free will, in any case.

Home sex at Christmas - Merry Christmas!

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Home sex at Christmas - Merry Christmas!

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33 comment    

07.10.2017 5:01:22 Junris:

Same......only because alternative would land me in jail. LOL. So it's either cry or go to jail. I pick cry.


11.10.2017 15:24:09 Zulushicage:

or with master rabbit (his absence is also noted) :P


18.10.2017 7:33:24 Maunos:

Speaking of drinking, it's a good thing you never met Jim Jones.


26.10.2017 15:15:48 Kaganos:

What is spiritual about. Korban meaning to draw near?


01.11.2017 10:33:59 Guzilkree:

Creatures that can't adapt to their environment don't survive long enough to reproduce. By the 6th generation if they haven't terraformed enough of the planet to support a larger population they're doomed anyway.


03.11.2017 0:39:18 Mogrel:

Omg, that's funny.


10.11.2017 5:36:11 Kigagami:

It's called ignorant & you offer it all the time. Guess what, sweetie...


17.11.2017 22:49:27 Teshakar:

Yes, your hypocrisy is my lie.


25.11.2017 2:45:06 Akilabar:

As a result of man's sin


05.12.2017 0:54:20 Kazralar:

Ignoring non-smoking zones is not a crime and not even gross misdemeanor, but an expression of individualism and a necessary act of rebellion against an increasingly oppressive regime/society.


14.12.2017 3:05:48 Kazrarisar:

Oh my holy FSM! Switch off your autopilot and turn on your ears! I'm not a Christian and there are no goalposts, because I'm not trying to prove Nazareth was there in the Jesus' day, which I have said multiple times now I cannot prove.


14.12.2017 17:04:08 Akinonris:

No, they do not. It's bad for business to have a player kneeling for the national anthem when so many people find that distasteful and disrespectful.


21.12.2017 23:54:11 Kagasho:

"We know that a god doesn't exist. If one existed surely he invented this virus to torture his human toys."


01.01.2018 12:13:31 Balar:

Thanks for that brief glimpse into the twilight zone that passes for your mind...


06.01.2018 11:08:14 Kigale:

False. The only folks who think people are born homosexual are those who are ignorant of the science of biology. There is no such thing as the science of "sexual orientation."


14.01.2018 0:31:25 Terg:

You mean breaking articles into easy to read bits for you? Sure. I'll do that with this one this week.


15.01.2018 22:13:38 Sagore:

PH II. I am with that view, but I think that for some reason the religious need to feel that they are special, chosen and blessed.


23.01.2018 21:27:30 Shalabar:

As I understand it:


01.02.2018 16:56:03 Samujinn:

You lost me on a couple points:


09.02.2018 19:24:30 Faenris:

GHF. I am not overly altruistic, I am shellfish.


16.02.2018 13:03:12 Malazshura:

Name of first pet and mother's maiden name please?


20.02.2018 12:01:26 Faelrajas:

No one ever wants to talk about Jekyll. It's always Hyde..Hyde...Hyde. Frickin' camera hog!


28.02.2018 19:52:17 Kazrakinos:

Lol! Differentiating between insults and name calling to make up for the fact you have trouble following along ?


05.03.2018 7:10:03 Tuhn:

Andy's mom's toy Woody.


07.03.2018 18:32:10 Vudal:

People who are bothered by gay stuff usually have latent gayness deep within. Everybody knows that. Except you I guess. But deep down you must know it.


10.03.2018 9:22:46 Shakatilar:

My mother refused to let me get my hair cut. So I did it myself. She got over it. It's just hair. It will grow back.


20.03.2018 5:07:39 Tygokree:

Had a cup of the battery acid they call coffee here in the office.


20.03.2018 22:53:55 Tygomi:

So, contextualizing means to ignore the parts that don't fit my pre-conceived conclusion?


26.03.2018 22:52:09 Grorn:

By "primary source," do you mean citation? A primary source has a very specific meaning in historical debate. It means a source that derives from the time being discussed and can reasonably be believed to preserve firsthand knowledge of the events under discussion. Not all sources are primary sources. Burton Mack's book would be a secondary source, that is, a work of scholarship that analyzes primary sources and turns them into a historical narrative.


31.03.2018 1:06:38 Golkis:

There could be an intelligent creator I suppose but where my number drops is the part where humans think they have any clue what that creator is or wants.


08.04.2018 14:42:28 Nagal:

Why should I fear your god?


14.04.2018 11:26:54 Mekasa:

We are in heaven now, but all the cultists are ruining it for rational people trying to enjoy their one and only very very short life.


24.04.2018 11:32:12 Kazuru:

I'm sure his lifelong study of climatology.

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Naked redheads women shaving in the shower
Naked redheads women shaving in the shower
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