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BlowjobCosplayHandjobTeenPopular With WomenHardcoreSquirtUniformsPussy LickingFetishLesbianThreesomeBig TitsGangbangPublicMILFRough SexPOVToysHD PornFrenchOrgyBabeMasturbationOld/YoungCompilation60FPSBig AssRed HeadCreampieBlonde

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Religion is a lie. It is an human invention. No gods exist that humans have asserted to exist. We KNOW it is a lie because those that articulate that there is a god have never backed up their assertions with evidence. We also know what religion actually is and how it has changed and developed over the centuries. It isn't what it is claimed to be. Christianity is just as silly as Scientology. Which do you think is more valid? It is like arguing if Santa or the Easter Bunny are more real.

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Lesbian Sorority-Sisters Eat Out with the Pizza Delivery Girl

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35 comment    

15.11.2017 10:18:36 Yozshuzilkree:

RK. To your point both religion and politics are considered to be subsets of Philosophy (the love of wisdom... what a laugh).


19.11.2017 17:07:20 Nilmaran:

A shame colorism is such a problem.


28.11.2017 17:47:02 Gukinos:

King Arthur? Assuming he was a real historically existing person, yes, you would be physically related to him since we all share common ancestors. If he was a "Christian" and his teachings to you helped you to be "born again", then he would be your spiritual father.


05.12.2017 11:06:40 Kamuro:

Awaiting an answer...


11.12.2017 5:14:06 Mauktilar:

A great deal is interpretation or extrapolation from repeatable experiments to draw conclusions that are impossible to repeat...the repeatable portion of the Theory of Evolution in minuscule, for example.


20.12.2017 14:27:02 Zulkizil:

Does God exist?


29.12.2017 20:26:38 JoJokazahn:

"I want Islam to decline just as much as Christianity." And I want a brand-new car.


04.01.2018 10:35:56 Tutaur:

No worries, i still prefer comic books in print??


11.01.2018 10:52:09 Moogukazahn:

Lol your delusional.


14.01.2018 0:20:50 Zululkree:

Take a look at real scientists and thinkers that were put to death (tortured for long as possible) at the hands of the Church.


22.01.2018 5:43:42 Akitilar:

I've restated multiple times. You, again, are making stuff up - a pattern of dishonesty.


24.01.2018 22:47:53 Shakamuro:

How would you know how much I would have? I paid either SS or Railroad retirement and Medicare taxes for 50 years.


31.01.2018 3:32:04 Vudok: just lost all credibility with that comment.


03.02.2018 4:32:37 Yobar:

Milo Yiannopoulos does. A lot of the rabble over at a certain channel about political rhetoric probably support worse.


10.02.2018 20:12:44 Fenrigal:

Ya know, I might be fine with the wall if it was something beautiful, like the Great wall... But no, it's gotta be ugly *sigh*


20.02.2018 9:12:06 Kigat:

1. So, was Hitler Catholic, given his persecution of the Catholic Church during his reign?


26.02.2018 17:05:10 Mogal:

No, I'll do you one better. You keep that attitude going. You find others and you show them that that is the best way forward. You ignore cynical broken people like me and you keep faith. You band together and you lift the nation back to where we should be.


08.03.2018 17:34:54 Sharr:

I don't feel bad one bit for the flying monkeys, either.


19.03.2018 12:59:29 Malabei:

I don't for a minute follow that biblical god. Then again, I also don't go with the idea that we have a spirit that outlives us. My god is strictly a creation god. He created all and then left to create something else. No worshiping, no deification, no control, no nothing. Everything made to be self sustaining. Really simple, the way I like it.


28.03.2018 21:43:15 Sakasa:

True. And I'm not sure why ABC would expect anything different from Rosanne. I wonder if there was any discussion of the pitfalls of twittering while stupid in her contract negotiations?


01.04.2018 23:13:19 Fenrisida:

There seems to be a theme here...


02.04.2018 20:50:06 Dumi:

Bro, let me spell it out. Most people who aren't atheists, don't really care what you believe, save for religious family members.


06.04.2018 13:22:28 Vojar:

Same. At least my knowledge can help the next generation, lol


13.04.2018 3:06:34 Ganos:

It can be hard to get the powerful to give up anything when they can just take it from the weak.


18.04.2018 1:39:47 Voodooshakar:

So you don't know wtf you're even talking about???


20.04.2018 2:34:07 Kakora:

You ignorant fucks. Wolfe was hired during the Reagan administration. REAGAN. He has served under both Democrats and GOP scumbags. you paranoid little cucks.


26.04.2018 2:27:22 Kagajin:

In the US I would feel harassed, whether it meets the legal definition or not.


29.04.2018 8:58:49 Sagrel:

Is religion only a matter of tastes - or is just not debatable like tastes?


03.05.2018 22:06:23 Kigataxe:

Cilantro is amazing. Science has found people who think it tastes soapy are actually mutant freaks.


09.05.2018 3:22:28 Daidal:

I've never thought about it that way, but that is so true!


17.05.2018 18:00:45 Saramar:

Yeah Ahhhh sure duuuu'. would you like may tu make that Ceasar into a greek salad instead...


19.05.2018 2:04:29 Goran:

I brought up their narrative, which people like you swallow hook line and sinker.


25.05.2018 21:00:31 Kagaktilar:

One doesn't need to invent a God. One may marvel at the great mystery of existence. That is, if they are intelligent enough to see it.


29.05.2018 15:49:35 Gagrel:

What science curriculum would bring up any of those points? A teacher has a lot of power over a student and it's inappropriate to wield that power to belittle a student's culture/ethnicity/faith.


31.05.2018 3:49:16 Grozragore:

I remember her giggling, when Gaddafi was killed in such a terrible way.

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