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BlowjobCosplayHandjobTeenPopular With WomenHardcoreSquirtUniformsPussy LickingFetishLesbianThreesomeBig TitsGangbangPublicMILFRough SexPOVToysHD PornFrenchOrgyBabeMasturbationOld/YoungCompilation60FPSBig AssRed HeadCreampieBlonde
Best toys of the 90 s
Best toys of the 90 s
Best toys of the 90 s

Best toys of the 90 s

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34 comment    

07.10.2017 11:30:36 Sagar:

You're asking me for a point? Find one yourself. You brought up Santa Claus.


12.10.2017 8:01:02 Magor:

The information has been very helpful to make some very important


16.10.2017 23:26:13 Zulujin:

only 6% disagree with your assessment of the world, so you certainly aren't alone. If you assume I'm not lying to you and the reverse is true, that is a staggering difference.


22.10.2017 9:00:12 Malagal:

1. You clearly are confused between "theory" and "scientific theory". Go find a 3rd grade child to explain it to you.


30.10.2017 10:49:20 Gozragore:

You mean like Science as Religion? You like Science, and yet it doesn?t substitute Religion for at least 97% of Americans.


06.11.2017 1:06:15 Milkree:

Why is this even an OP? I can't believe this!


13.11.2017 21:08:33 Mezizil:

How about letting me decide the issues? My judgment is perfect!


16.11.2017 1:33:35 Vumi:

You read minds, too?


17.11.2017 20:43:09 Mitaur:

Yet he demands it or hi ho, hi ho, it's off to hell we go.


20.11.2017 16:24:18 Dagul:

Keep it in your pocket, Peter!


26.11.2017 23:54:47 Muk:

Ah. guess that answers my question.


06.12.2017 9:30:56 Samuktilar:

Occupied land? The land belongs to Israel.


11.12.2017 23:27:34 Shajinn:

It might be that the MSM (mainstream media) is the silverware that stirs the soup, but these violent, inane, vindictive, vituperative, vicious acts of delusion are the fault of none-other than the Utopian, collectivist, statist, globalist, progressive, snowflake crying-and-sobbing, moronic, idiotic, imbecilic, brain-dead, socialist, Marxist, Communist-revolutionary left-wing Dumbocrap losers.


15.12.2017 14:41:02 Shaktiran:

We could buy Mexico with our welfare budget.


24.12.2017 2:12:23 Tagis:

By the way, you can look at life anyway you chose but it's only your impression and not anyone else you are implying here. There will be those that agree with you but even Bourdain knew that it's only relevance to those close to him that really make a difference and it's out of kindness and or concern that others follow.


27.12.2017 5:04:26 Zulkinos:

Lol so I take it this is when you aren't in a serious relationship, I hope?


01.01.2018 4:08:19 Gobar:

I'd never actually heard that argument before- everything I know about ancient north American history disagrees so I'm dumbfounded as how someone could honestly hold the position.


01.01.2018 17:06:43 Mit:

"Opposition to abortion isnt a religious position."


04.01.2018 22:22:23 Vudojin:

No brag. Just fact.


07.01.2018 14:14:42 Nalabar:

I meant rapist.


10.01.2018 9:29:10 Vilmaran:

It was a bit "heavy-handed"


17.01.2018 13:17:29 Dum:

Doesn?t Israel have the right to their own messiah? It is Jewish concept


20.01.2018 4:52:34 Faulkree:

"now you reject observable science and your own biologists stance.".... There isnt a lot of Scientist that believe "Goddidit"


21.01.2018 17:32:49 Dogrel:

I advocate stopping illegal immigration.


29.01.2018 21:28:40 Voodookora:

Are you sure? Adam Purinton shot and killed a guy in a Kansas bar because he was an Indian. A white nationalist drove over a girl in Charlottesville, VA last year. All because they perceived them as not being for "their way."


07.02.2018 8:54:55 Vudom:

Why is it a bad thing to be "boy scout like"?


08.02.2018 3:40:04 Negrel:

Since I say that their conduct is not Christian and therefore demands more than their own testimony, who are you to argue?


12.02.2018 0:34:03 Faelmaran:

The above essay brings two things into thought:


13.02.2018 4:49:41 Dusar:

He is playing and you are taking it too seriously. I understand the reason you are attached but sadly the web is not really a place to find love. How can you trust someone that you only have contact with online? How well do you really know him? Is this girl friend an online friend as well?


15.02.2018 14:07:28 Zugore:

IR Weasel. He went completely psycho insisting that I was some other poster named OU. Kept at it, attacking me with all kinds of personal insults -- the kind that we little peons would have been bounced for. Then, he threatened to give me a three day time out, despite the fact, I was only deflecting his attacks by mocking them. The name calling and insinuations was waaay over the top. From what Rob Roy said it sounded like some mod bad blood thing - however, it had nothing to do with me, but he kept it going.


16.02.2018 21:50:54 Malakora:

From The Motley Fool, an investment site:


17.02.2018 17:55:27 Vigami:

Well written, Sue.


25.02.2018 12:56:31 Kaganris:

Then it holds authority only for PEOPLE who believe in God. America, as a nation, legally doesn't believe in or follow God.


25.02.2018 17:23:25 Samujinn:

She brought up MS 13, how did you miss that, and mentioned Kate S who was murdered by an illegal with a criminal history, who had been deported many times. It's very clear he's talking about such animals as those that were brought up.

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