Military and Veteran Students

Notre Dame de Namur University (NDNU) is committed to honoring and recognizing the incredible sacrifices of our nation’s military veterans, active duty personnel and reservists. We understand the pursuit of higher education can be a challenge for members of the military because of cost and the demanding and uncertain schedules of military life, but NDNU offers a variety of programs to help ease these burdens.

Admissions Overview

Are you:

  • a veteran who has seen active duty?
  • a reservist?
  • a dependent of a veteran, who is deceased or has a service connected disability?

天天色综合,天天干影视NDNU is approved to certify eligible students who are interested in:

天天色综合,天天干影视An applicant’s eligibility for benefits is determined by the Department of Veteran Affairs. Questions regarding our eligibility for education benefits? Call the Department of Veteran Affairs toll free at 1-888-442-4551 or visit them on the web at .



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