Institutional Review Board

Welcome to the NDNU Institutional Review Board (IRB) website. The NDNU IRB safeguards the rights and welfare of human research participants for research conducted in association with NDNU. To this end, the IRB is obligated and authorized to:

  • Ensure that participants are adequately informed of the nature of the study;
  • Ensure that participation is voluntary;
  • Ensure that the benefits of a study outweigh its risks;
  • Ensure that the risks and benefits of the study are evenly distributed among the possible participant populations; and
  • Suspend human participant activity that violates regulations, policies, procedures, or an approved protocol, and report such violation and suspension to the provost of the university.

Members of IRB Committee

  • College of Arts and Sciences Representatives: Amy K. Backos, Ph.D.; Jennifer Kinder, Ph.D.
  • School of Education and Psychology Representative: Sungho Park, Ed.D.; Kim Tolley, Ed.D.
  • School of Business Representative: Kimberley Garth-James, D.P.A.
  • Community Member Representative: Rebekka Jez, Ed.D.



Contact Us

Dr. Amy Backos, IRB Chair

IRB Administrative Associate Aspasia Normantas
School of Education and Psychology
St. Joseph’s Hall Room 123