Suspected grad pranks create chaos at Northern Secondary School

TORONTO – A series of pranks that ranged from smoke bombs to offensive graffiti disrupted classes at Northern Secondary School on Monday.

As classes were winding down, someone set off smoke bombs out in a school field. A smoke bomb was also set off inside the school.

One student told Global News that “someone pulled the fire alarm and then there were smoke bombs everywhere.”

Someone also snapped a photo of a rooster that was released inside the school.

Offensive graffiti targeting the principal was spray-painted on the side of this storage container.

Grad pranks are considered something of a tradition come the end of the school year, but one student said the pranks were “kind of crazy this year.”

A communications staffer with the Northern Secondary School district confirmed to Global News that the superintendent was aware of the incident.

Global News also reached out to the principal of Northern Secondary School, but has yet to receive a response.

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